Did you know that according to the NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) there are 33,000 fires a year that occur because of grease and debris inside unclean Vent-A-Hoods. This startling number, while eye-opening, doesn't even speak to the fact that Vent-A-Hoods can be filled with bacteria and contaminates that should be eliminated frequently for health reasons.

Hydro-Clean Services has the Solution

Maintaining a clean vent-a-hood is crucial in the hot and busy environment of a restaurant, nursing home, cafeteria, anywhere that food is prepared. Cleanliness and freshness can be assured through periodic cleaning of the vent-a-hood vent and filters.

The task of cleaning a restaurant's vent-a-hood system has, in the past, been handled by expensive out-of-state companies, or cleaned by employees just enough to let most of the heat and grease get through, or worse yet -not cleaned at all.

Hydro-Clean Services, Inc. specializes in the cleaning and proper disposal of grease from this unpleasant but necessary chore.


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